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The most impressive of all the Taccas (We say it the mots incredible plant on the planet). This monster can reach a height of over 1.75 m tall. The white flower bracts with deer purple lines can measure 30 cm across. The most amazing part is the many whiskers which can be more than 1 m long. No wonder its called the Devil's Whiskers. For all tropical and sub-tropical plant lovers with the space and the proper growing conditions this is a must have in your collection.

We offer the rhizomes bare root ready to be planted. The plant may be dormant during delivery though, but will shoot up.

These plants prefer shade or partial shade where it is warm and humid. They should be planted in a mix of equal parts sand, loam and humus rich garden compost. Keep the soil moist during the growing and flowering time.

Tacca integrifolia

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