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Shipping Policy

  • Postage and Packing within UK is £6.00 (exclusive of VAT) for any size order.

  • Postage and Packing for the EU depends on the location. The rate will be shown at the checkout page.

  • We currently ship only within the UK and the EU.

  • Delivery will either be by DHL, TNT,FedEx, or Royal Mail, depending the delivery network.

  • For large volume purchase, please email us for special rates.


Export Information


What does it mean? Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

The permit is required when plants travel from one country to another.

A separate permit is required for ALL listed genera ( even artificial hybrids).

UK : you do NOT need a CITES permit to buy our CITES plants.

Outside UK : you DO need a CITES permit to buy our CITES plants.

All other countries : CITES certificates are needed when any CITES listed plant crosses any international border. CITES is international, permits are needed for all listed genera (even artificial hybrids) sent to customers anywhere outside UK.

Plants affected by CITES

CITES applies to man-made, artificial hybrids and garden cultivars which have never been wild plants.

We mark each CITES genus and each species to advise you. From our range the following are some of those affected : Cyclamen, Galanthus, Sternbergia. All Orchids (e.g.. Bletilla, Calanthe, Calopogon, Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza Epipactis, Habenaria, Pleione, Pogonia, Ponerorchis).

Phytosanitary Certificate. (Health Certificate)

Phytosantry Certificates are required for a shipment of plants from one international country to another whether or not they require CITES.

Example:  Export Phytosanatry Certificate for all plants in shipment in addition to any that may need a CITES.

Certificate Charges

We can obtain export certificates, but the UK  is expensive.

Phytosanitary Certificate -The current price starts from £75.00 (depend on amount of bulbs ordered).

CITES – £75.00 per 1st genus plus an additional £1.50 per species or Hybrid

Please note:

  • We do not post outside the UK without certificates or Permits, so please do not ask.

  • If you wish us to get certificates for the plants we can,  however we only obtain permits for our own stocks /plants.

  • It is not a permit that you can buy to cover plants from other sources.

  • Fees payable on application/placement of order.

  • Permits cannot be amended after issue, they are specific, eg: each plant must be named and with exact quantity, Some items may need extensive cleaning/preparation, if this is the case, cost is indicated on the said item.

  • Charges are NOT refundable if application is refused. We have not had any refused, but this is beyond our control please do not order if you cannot accept this risk.

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