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Small variety of speciosum, very rare.


Make sure the pots have good drainage holes. Use humus rich soil, garden soil, horticultural and 1 part of grit in equal proportions. Pots are filled 1/3 of the bottom with rough grits are broken crocks for good drainage. Add 1 cm of compost for rhizomatous-cylindrical tubers like those of Arisaema speciosum and 2 to 4 cm of compost for depressed-globose tubers like those of Arisaema griffithii. Tubers are placed in the center of the pot and covered with compost leaving 2.5 cm space form the rim.

Once potted they should be watered sparingly when their new roots are shoot emerging, thus minimizing the chances of the tuber rot.

When the root system has developed and leaves begin to unfold from the leaf-sheates, they can be watered regularly and fertilized with slow release fertilizers.

Once the flowering is complete and the leaves turn yellow, watering should be discontinued and tubers given rest during their dormancy period.

The same can be followed for outdoor bed plantings. For most species outdoors the tubers can be left in the ground during the winters and will emerge again in spring.





    speciosum var. mirable

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