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Hedychium griffithianum
Highly desirable garden plants from the Ginger Family with attractive foliage and very showy flowers. Most of the species are pleasantly fragrant and enliven the garden by attracting butterflies and moths.Some of the species are cold hardy, and deciduous during the winter months.

Hedychium griffithianum (Griffith's Butterfly Lily) Tall 30-45 cm. tall cylindrical spikes of white fragrant flowers that are truly captivating. Newly introduced to horticulture and easy to grow. They are sub-temperate and grow to specimens

Mature dormant flowering size rhizomes offered.

Loves well drained potting compost with grit, loam and leaf mulch mixed in equal parts. Feed and water well during growing period. Keep moist during dormancy. Prefers 50% light though few can tolerate up to 70%.

Hedychium griffithianum

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