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Gloriosa greenii
A special variety propagated by us in the nursery and flowers twice in the tropics. The colour is similar to G. lutea but is characterized by broad thick leathery petals that does not have frilly edges. This is a rare deep lemon yellow variant produced and offered in limited quantities. Has the longest lasting flowers. It can grow upto 2m or more producing many flowers throughout the summer. The long lasting flowers makes it excellent for cut flower use. The tubers go dormant during autumn. Each single tuber after flowering dies, producing two tubers..

Mature dormant 10 cm up flowering size tubers offered.

Pot culture. Pot in a mixture of 2 parts of garden soil, one part horticultural sand and one part rich humus compost. Place tuber horizontally and cover with 6 cm of soil. Keep the soil moist and place it in warm corner. Increase watering and move it to more sunlight once it begins to grow. Do not water and fertilize after flowering to allow the plant to go dormant.

Outdoor culture. Choose a spot in your garden with trellis or fence to allow the plant to climb. Plant them 6 cm deep and 10-12 cm apart horizontally. Water and keep soil moist till the shoots appear. After flowering the tubers go dormant.

Gloriosa greenii

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