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Happy Single Flame is a single-flowered dahlias that has an upright to spreading habit, with very dark foliage and abundant flowers held well above. Flowers are fiery red with yellow petal bases and hold their colour well while the disc is dark red with bright yellow anthers Height 80-100 cm. Flowering July-October. Dahlias are tender tubers. Plant them before the frosts are over, they may get frosted and die, so it is advises to pot them during late March or early April, in a three litre pot with multi-purpose potting compost. Keep them in a light, frost free place and ensure the compost is kept moist. They can be taken outdoors when the danger of frost has gone . Compost : Dahlias grow and flower best sunny spots and they thrive in a fertile soil, with good moisture and good drainage.

Dahlia Happy Single Flame - Dahlia H S Flame

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