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 Curcuma Indian Surprise
Tricoloured bracts of pink, brown and green. Dwarf and compact. The rhizomes remain dormant during the winter season and the inflorescence is usually produced before the leaves in Spring. The most attractive part of the plants is the showy bracts that differ in shape and colour from species to species. The foliage is over 1.5 feet tall and sppears after the flower dies.

Mature flowering size rhizomes offered.

Prefers semi shady area. Use humus rich compost with equal quantity of horticultural sand mixed to make the compost well drained and light. Slow release fertilizers can be used. Lots of watering required during the flowering season. Makes beautiful pot plants. Can be grown outdoors too, but the dormant rhizomes needs to be lifted and stored indoors in cold countries.

Curcuma Indian Surprise

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