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Cardiocrinum giganteum
Earlier known as Lilium giganteum. This is probably the most magnificent plant from the Himalayan Region. The flower stems of this majestic plant is cut and united using it as a pipe to carry water in the villages. They have gigantic heart shaped leaves with a metallic sheen and grow upto 50 cm long. The tall. thick spikes produce numerous pure white flowers with purplish-maroon throat each measuring 15-18 cm long . A highly recommended, cold hardy garden plant. Excellent woodland planting material for cold areas.

Flowering size dormant bulb offered.

Plant 90 cm apart in rich and moist garden soil with addition of plenty of orgnic well drained compost. Use a ratio of up to 50% gravel / 50% compost and soil mix to ensure proper drainage and prevent bulb rot. Leave about one third of the bulb above ground. One bulb to a large 30 cm dia pot makes a fantastic show.

Cardiocrinum giganteum

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